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It is rumored that the firm is going to tie up with an American company. The purpose of my visit is to persuade you to take a trip with me.

The speed of light is much greater than that of sound.

Masanao asked Takao to come home. Archie could do a lot better if he tried.

If the loser smiled the winner will lose the thrill of victory. She will cheat him, as so many others. According to the weather forecast, tomorrow will be snowy. It's a simple matter of conformity. His disciples recalled what he had said.

Brendan was happy that everybody had enough to eat. They don't pay me enough. This territory is uncharted. I want to hear more about Torsten. No one went to the station to see Johann off when he left town. I need more gold. He scraped the mud off his boots. She looked troubled by the news. It seemed like a good trade. Nobody ever listens.

Which do you like better, white rice or brown rice?

I regret not having bought that house. Tomas wondered why Helen had dropped out of school. He made the right choice. Do you have any Japanese magazines? One organization allegedly controls the European drug market. I might as well leave today. Drive carefully! The roads are treacherous. Please help me in the kitchen. The girl is trying to ride on just one wheel. Her small vehicle is called a unicycle. When was the last time you exported fruits?

Leave the poor girl alone.

The cold weather continued for three weeks. I've seen you on TV many times. People around the world are getting fatter.

I didn't think this was your seat. Everybody was out to get me. Even though the weather was fine, I gave him my coat as he was going out. Don't come again. They cannot be saved. She is said to be a leader in the women's liberation movement. My house stands within easy access of the railroad station. He was brought up in Australia. This is where the magic happens.

This evening I have seen Jupiter accompanied by three fixed stars, totally invisible by their smallness. . . . The planets are seen very rotund, like little full moons. The sooner you give up, the greater the benefits. I wish you a good trip. I wish I could buy you everything you needed. The inmates have taken over the asylum. Helen paid me a compliment. I finally found out what happened. Your phone is ringing, answer it please. It is difficult to calculate the results of the election. Leaves are to plants what lungs are to animals.